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 Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a reservation?

No, we are a walk-in studio almost 100% of the time! The only exception is during sold-out events, private bookings, or groups larger than 8 participants. If you have 8 or more, a reservation is suggested!

How much does it cost?

The cost depends entirely on the project you choose! Check out the "How It Works" section where you will find price ranges and averages for each project type. In general, we say that the average is $25-$35 per person.

How long does it take to create?

Each project is different, but we suggest allowing 1.5 to 3 hours for creating. But there is no time limit! With pottery, if you don't finish, simply take your project home and bring it back another day to complete. No return fees!

When can I take home my project? 

Each project type is different! Pottery: One week after completion Glass: Up to 14 days depending on the final shape Pallet Painting: Take home same day Snowglobe Tumbler: Take home same day Candles: Take home same day

How do I know if my project is ready for pick-up? 

Pottery is always done one week after it is turned in. We DO NOT call, e-mail, or text you when it is done. Stop by anytime to pick it up! Glass is always ready after 14 days. If you have a flat firing, it may be ready sooner. You are welcome to call the studio at (330) 865-5858 to check if your glass piece is ready for pick up.

Do you offer Pottery Wheel Lessons?

Currently we do not. Wheel throwing is a learned skill set that takes time to master. We are just not able to accomadote that setting at this time.

Is the pottery safe to use?

Yes! However, the microwave and dishwasher will break down the pottery faster. All materiels used on pottery are lead free, non-toxic, and washable too! Your pottery will also be clear glazed to seal it up!

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