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Fine Details:

PICK UP:  You may pick up your rental during the week you've booked, between the following times:

Thursday-Friday 11am-8pm, Saturday 10am-9pm, Sunday 1pm-6pm

Return Your Party Pail the following: Tuesday or Wednesday from 11am-8pm

We require a $25 Non-Refundable deposit to book all parties.  This deposit will serve as your Party Fee and is included in the party costs. This deposit will only be refunded if the date and time you request is not available, and another suitable date and time cannot be arranged.  If you need to reschedule your mobile party, please do so within one week of your event and we will gladly transfer your deposit to another available date (one time only). Less than one weeks notice will forfeit the deposit.


ALL RENTALS MUST BE RETURNED BY THE FOLLOWING WEDNESDAY.  Pails can be returned by the following Tuesday or Wednesday from 11am-8pm.  Late returned rentals will be charged $25 PER DAY that the pail is late.  Please understand this may affect another party's rental, and we need the materials back in a timely manner.  Permanentaly unreturned pails will be billed accordingly. 


The balance for the party will be due the day of pick-up.  Day of picking up please allow 20-30 minutes to pick out your pieces and allow us to secure them for you for transportation.  The cost of the pieces are totally dependent on what items you choose.  The host is responsible for any damage occurs.  All Fired Up Akron cannot be responsible for any broken or damaged pottery once it has left the building.  


Do not use ANYTHING on the pottery that is not provided in the kit.  Other art materials, pencils, sharpies, paints, glitter, glues, etc. are NOT SAFE for pottery and may result in your pieces not being able to be fired and completed.  


The host is responsible for picking up the pieces for the entire party one week from the day of drop off.  They cannot be arranged to have them picked up separately.  All Fired Up Akron will only be responsible for items up to 60 days after the event, but please give us a call if you are not able to pick them up in the 60 day window.

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